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What is Maida Vale? /

In a city teeming w/ great art, food, & ideas the local entertainment venue needs a reboot!

Maida Vale is coming!

We bring you

  • Amazing Variety Entertainment -Music, Comedy, Black Box, and More!!  

  • Fantastic Libations -Unique Cocktails + Great Beer & Wine!!

  • Home-like hospitality!! -Stay Awhile, We're Glad to See You!!

Artists & Venues We Work With /

Alex Gordon Hi-FI, Cherith Fuller, Marshall Ruffin, Noni's Deli, Laura Carter, David Perdue, Dax Exclamationpoint, Lon Eldridge, Hodgepodge Coffeehouse, Mario Fogg Quartet, Pijiu Belly, Olive Lynch, GA Mountain Stringband, Matt DeBenedictis, Elmyriachi, Sketchbone, Brian Barlow, and more....

MAIDA VALE in-depth/ 


In a growing busy city there are endless experiences that leave many feeling rough and jagged: work, traffic, construction, film shoots... We need a place where we can be submerged into a relaxing and uncommonly-cool atmosphere that rubs off during our visit, and lets us leave troubles and worries behind. But there is a problem. After happy hour and dinner on a Friday night the same question always arises: 1) Shelter in place & simply drink more. 2) Head home to Netflix and Chill? Obviously there are other options, but we rarely go. Why are so many of us ambivalent to “going out”? What’s next in Atlanta nightlife to pull us through the doors?


Maida Vale (made-a-vail) is a cocktail & piano bar concept--a bit like a new birth of the 40’s style night club. A place where good drink, good company, and good entertainment conspire to create a full evening. We deliver meaningful experiences through the thoughtful applications of classic style and techniques. Our visuals take cues from iconic New York clubs of the past like The Stork Club or Webster Hall--full scale temples to glamour & decadence. Utilizing their bold Art Deco design and rich regal colors, we are mixing luxurious design with the smaller space and casual atmospherics of a neighborhood bar: call it a sense of occasion crossed with the comfort of a “local spot”.

Currently our concept is in a “brand launch” phase. We have completed an eight-installment pop-up series that began in July 17’, including a three-night Valentine’s pop-up in Kirkwood called “Disappointment & Desire”, and wrapping up in Sept. ‘18 with “A Farewell to Pop-Ups”. Across the series we hosted 500 customers, served approximately 900 drinks, and hired 18 performers. The events ranged from a 25-person cocktail dinner to partnered events with existing bar/restaurants to full blown takeovers/one-night redesigns of existing venues.


At this stage of our development, we are looking for existing businesses, bar/restaurants or music venues, with event space, side rooms, or disused evening hours that can be made available to us. We would like to partner Maida Vale’s bar program, entertainment programming, and marketing voice with your operation. Our unique bar product and tailored entertainment experiences will encourage customers to come more often and stay longer.


Behind this lofty ambition are two crazy, dedicated people: Baylee and David Hopings. Baylee is a life-long student of poetry and language, who made her way -completely unironically- from a Literature degree at Georgia State University to the service industry and finally bartending. Though her industry may be filled with many folks of her educational background, Baylee took to bartending with the same zeal that led her to literature. Known by one of her past employers as the" Liquor Librarian", she truly loves spirits, wine, and beer. Manipulating those elements into an enjoyable experiences for customers is truly her passion. 

David's love for music, music history, and recording comes from his core passion -to witness expression and be expressive. He's played all types of music in bar rooms and concert halls from the Living Room in Manhattan to the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Most recently his passion for art and community have seen him produce concerts, festivals, visual art presentations, and other events with the Center for Civil and Human Rights in downtown Atlanta.

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