Noted Surgeon and Self-Help writer Maxwell Maltz once said: “Close scrutiny will show that most 'crisis situations' are opportunities to either advance, or stay where you are.” Like many industries in our economy, hospitality is currently languishing under the thumb of Covid-19. It is a pox on our individual lives, our country, and the world at large. So why would anyone rationally consider launching a new restaurant concept into a moment such as this?...


Put simply, we see the opportunities to advance. Over the last decade  the “Casual Fine Dining/Steps of Service” model of hospitality has become a dominant force in the restaurant industry -to what I would say are deeply mixed results. I doubt there are many among us who remain impressed to be referred to as “this guest” by a snotty host, handed a recently reused wine bottle full of tap water, and left to read over a rumpled card stock menu full of words like “provisions” or “artisanal”.


Out with the restaurant as "art house"and in with the restaurant as "your house"! For decades the hospitality industry was a humble meaningful way for anyone to advance his or her own star as an entrepreneur while simultaneously offering the community an essential service. Our ambition is a return to these root needs, purposes, and structure of a proper restaurant. Maida Vale is a hybrid concept -merging a small cocktail bar, outdoor cafe, and an Italian takeout counter. Many current operations are working very hard to pivot their businesses and reconstruct themselves for a dine-in/takeout socially distant format, but our launch will have these elements built-in and slowly evolve them as health mandates and consumer appetites allow.


For those willing to brave the moment and saddle up to a table, we will offer extensive socially distant outdoor cafe/garden seating and limited indoor tables. The bar and food offerings will be plain spoken but with a touch of class and individuality -drinks that riff on classic flavors in refreshing and surprising ways, good Italian food that fills the belly and warms the soul. It sounds simple we know, but the hardest thing to do in business is to be powerfully simple. Most new establishments bury their true intentions in over-thought design and repetitive cliche. 


Our ownership, Baylee & David Hopings, believes that a business lives and dies by its commitment to service. 25+ years of combined experiences has taught them volumes about the value of a kind equitable approach and translating it to sales and success. If you treat people well and deliver them good you will build partnerships, staff cohesion, and (most importantly) repeat business.