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The Concept-
As residents of a growing busy city there are endless experiences that leave many of us feeling rough and jagged: work, traffic, politics, construction... We need a place where we can be submerged into a relaxing and uncommonly-cool atmosphere that rubs off during our visit and lets us leave troubles and worries behind. Yet, so many of us ambivalent to “going out”? A study by NCIAA (National Club Association of America) shows that only 60% of millennials go out to clubs/bars. Of that group, only 25% go out more than once per month. The majority of either excursion type are often celebrations in honor of major life events. Conversely, according to a study completed by GFK Research Group, 78% of Millennials would rather spend money on experiences than things. Here we have a generation of professional earners who crave experiences more than retail, yet on Saturday night they are going out to escape the room or gaming the night away. What’s next in Atlanta nightlife to get us interested and pull them through the doors?


Maida Vale (made-a-vail) is a cocktail & piano bar concept, a bit like a new birth of the 40’s style night club. A place where good drink, good company, and good entertainment conspire to create a full evening. We deliver meaningful experiences through the thoughtful applications of classic style and techniques. Visually our space will take cues from iconic New York clubs like Webster Hall or The Stork Club- full scale temples to glamour & decadence. Back then bold Art Deco design pieces and rich regal colors set the scene. Put simply, we are mixing luxurious design with the smaller space and casual atmospherics of a neighborhood bar -adding a sense of occasion to the comfort of a “local spot”. Maida Vale is a bar you care about patronizing and a place you care about sharing with friends.

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