Noted Surgeon and Self-Help writer Maxwell Maltz once said: “Close scrutiny will show that most 'crisis situations' are opportunities to either advance, or stay where you are.” Put simply, we see the opportunities to advance. 


To that end, in this moment of struggle let’s say out with the restaurant as "art house" and in with the restaurant as "your house"!! For decades the hospitality industry was a humble way to become an entrepreneur while offering an essential service. Some modern establishments do what they do well, however pretentious trends have taken over much of the industry, leaving the consumer to both suffer the outcomes and foot the bill. It’s time for change: Maida Vale is a hybrid concept -merging an English Publick House & a cocktail bar. The sort of place to head to for any occasion -where warm hospitality, attention to detail, and quality product are everyday occurrences. 


Our desired location is somewhere in the Virginia Highlands/Inman Park area. Regardless, in any neighborhood we want to be the sort of restaurant that packs um’ in and for good reason—as intentional as fine dining, as approached as a backyard party. Our menu is comprised of mouth watering pub classics, updated with flavors of London’s diverse ethnic communities (from the Caribbean, South Asian, and beyond). Our cocktail menu features everything from pure classics to flights of mixological fantasy, accompanied by inviting wine, beer, and dessert lists. 


The look and feel of a traditional English pub is a well known concept: wood everywhere and beer taps. Rather than repeat those tropes, our decor will look more like a Norcal wine-country bistro: rich warm colors and textiles, worn wood against moroccan-influlced patterns, bright natural light shapes the room punctuated by select  plants and flowers. Our layout will exude intention and usability, while radiating feelings of hominess and satisfaction. Acoustic tiles and surround sound audio give both life and ease to the room. If this doesn’t sound like your home, it's the home you would most like to visit for dinner. Additional spaces will be dedicated to events, private cocktail parties, and curated entertainment experiences.